Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Top

Here is the Holiday top that I made to go the the Holiday Skirt from my last post! It actually was faster to make than I thought it would be.I started with a pair of outgrown velour pants of my daughter's. I try to avoid hemming whenever possible, so I used the existing hem from the velour pants for the top's bottom hem and the sleeve cuffs! Total cost to make- FREE!

The finished top.

1) First I started with a pair of velour pants that had a pant leg opening width of 7 3/4". 2) I then cut about 7" up from the bottom of one pant leg. 3) I cut about 3" up from the other pant leg.

4) I then carefully cut open these pieces along one side seam and laid the pieces out flat. 5) I did the same for both pant leg pieces. 6) I then carefully cut along the remaining seams so that I had four pieces total.

7) I next folded the two larger pieces in half, using the wider piece for the back pieces. I cut along the fold for the back, this gave me two pieces. For the front I pinned the piece along the fold for the center front. 8) I pinned my pattern pieces so that I used the existing hems for the front, back and sleeves. I made my own patterns, but you can use a purchased pattern the same way. Just make sure that the top measures 6" long and the finished sleeve measures 2 1/4".            

9) I then cut out pieces. 10) I sewed the shoulder seams with right sides together, and finger pressed the seams open.

11) Next, I sewed the sleeves to the armhole seams, matching the center sleeves with the shoulder seams, and with right sides together.

12) I then sewed the side and sleeve seams.
13)  Next, I turned back the center back edges by 1/4" and edge stitched on both sides of the back.

14) I turned back the neck 1/4" and hand sewed this down. 15) I used matching black hook-and-loop for the closure. I attached a 1/4' wide strip of the loop portion along the right side edge of the right half of the back, and a 1/4" strip of the hook portion along the inside of the left half of the back. I use an iron-on type of hook-and-loop, I find it easier to work with on small projects.

The above photo shows the finished top.

This is how it looks in the back.

I hope to eventually include patterns that you can download and print. For now, you can modify purchased patterns like I have shown here.

Well, I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping. So now I will begin with the wrapping! I might even do a few doll sized gift boxes too!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the Holiday season!
Creatively Yours,


  1. You've made this look so simple I'm going to give it a go. A friend has given me a length of black velvet she had left over. Just the ticket. I'd love to show you the garments I've knit (top down, seamless!) or you could look on ♥

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with others.
    This is the perfect doll top, and you make it look so easy. I'll be looking in my fabric stash tonight and sewing tomorrow.
    Again, many thanks
    Elaine C.