Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Elegant Holiday Skirt
Today I will show you how I made this pretty skirt...
and it is SO easy!

I found this great Holiday skirt (see photo below) at a secondhand children's clothing shop for only $1.00. At first I thought I would change it so that it would be a short skirt for the doll. But when I put it up to the doll I realized I could use the hems as they were (I like to avoid hemming whenever possible!) and sew only side seams if I made it as a long skirt. And what little girl doesn't love a long elegant dress or skirt? Very princess-like!

This is the skirt that I started with. It is a size 18M bias cut taffeta outer skirt with a great flirty ruffle slip that shows a little at the hem. This skirt was about 10 1/2" from top of the waistband to the bottom of the slip ruffle. Just the kind of skirt that would make a great swishing sound when you walk!

1) First,I turned the skirt inside out.
2) Next, I pinned the skirt to the doll. I placed one side seam on one side of the doll and pinned at the waistband only for the new side seam I was going to sew. Since the skirt has an elastic in the back waistband, I did not need to make a side closure.
3) I took the skirt off of the doll while it was still pinned.

4) Then I marked the waistband seam for 1/2" seam allowance.
5) Using a straight edge, I marked a cutting line for the inside slip. I marked for each seam separately.

6) I cut along the line I drew.
7) I then marked with a straight edge my cutting line for the outer skirt. I cut along this line and repeated for all seams; marking and cutting separately.
8) This is the skirt with the excess fabric cut away.

9) I sewed the waistband seam first.
10) Next, I pinned and sewed the outer skirt seam with right sides together.
11) Then I pinned and sewed the ruffled slip side seam with right sides together. (I first needed to pin the waistband seam out of the way)
12) I then finished all raw edge seams and trimmed to 1/4" seam allowance.

The finished Skirt!

This pretty skirt needs a pretty top to go with it. I think I will use my daughter's outgrown and worn at the knees black velour pants for the top (see photo at left). I might also use the unused fabric from the skirt in some way, too! And, there is a big enough piece of the underskirt left over to make short slip or underskirt for another  project!

I hope that I have inspired you to make a fancy skirt of your own.
Thanks for stopping by.

Creatively Yours,

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  1. Wonderful and I love the fact that you use 'pre-loved' instead of spending a lot of money. You are a star to share your knowledge ♥