Monday, May 7, 2012

Results of My One Week Challenge!- Five Doll Fashion Pieces from One Junior Top!

This is the original junior top that I started with...
  ... On my last post, I gave myself a one week challenge to see how many doll clothes I could make from this one 50 cent thrift item... and here are the results (I did finish in one week but it is taking me a while to get this post finished!)...

Item #1- Peasant top
This was made from the bottom hem for the body, and for the sleeves I used the original sleeves of the top with their existing elastic cuffs.
Item#2- skirt
This simple skirt was made from the middle stripe, I cut a 8" wide and 22 1/2" long rectangle and I added an elastic casing and a machine stitched hem. The finished skirt length is 5".
Item#3- Banded waist skirt
For this skirt I used the middle stripe pattern cut 8 1/2" wide and 22" long folded in half horizontally. By doing it this way I eliminated a need for a hem! I considered making this a reversible skirt but I didn't care for the pattern on the other side. The waistband is made from a purchased knitted headband 1 1/4" wide that I adjusted to fit the doll's waist and attached to the skirt with a stretch zig zag stitch. The finished skirt length is 4 3/4".
Item#4- Sundress (with sash)

Item#4- Sundress (without sash)
This dress was made from the back of the dress using the patterned yoke already attached to the dress skirt. I used the front V-neck edge details for the shoulder straps and collar. I added 3 little buttons from my stash. For the detachable sash, I simply cut a length 26"long of the original 2" wide tie.
Item#4- Sundress (back view)

Item#5- Headband
For the headband I cut a piece of the 2"wide tie 10" long and gathered each end by hand and added a 4" piece of 1/2" wide elastic and sewed in place.

Here is how the top looks with the green skirt...
...and with pink Capri pants.
The green skirt with a cream colored top. I made the cream top from an old knit top of mine: I cut and braided strips of the knit fabric for the neck trim.
The black striped skirt with the cream top and headband.
The dress with the sash.
The dress without the sash.
The headband.

And in the end I only had a little of the cream patterned fabric left over! I love the way the  multi colored striped patterns enabled me to create so many different looks and how some of them even have a border print look!

I hope you enjoyed this challenge... I had fun doing it!

Creatively yours,

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