Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to make the Heart Tee Shirt

 This cute long sleeve tee started out as a larger version of what you see and was one of my daughter's favorite tee shirts. It is fun to check the marks on the wall to see how much they grow, but my daughter also feels a little sad to outgrow her favorite clothes. So one way for her to still enjoy her top, is to have a version of it made for her doll. (Who will, by the way, never have to worry about out growing anything!)

This is the tee shirt that I started with.

This is a closeup of the sequined heart.

I cut out two sleeves using original sleeves and their existing hems
I also cut out the front piece from the original front , and the back pieces from the original back. Again I used the existing hems.

Next I cut out the sequined heart. this is what the original heart looked like
I then carefully cut out a smaller heart, cutting between the rows of sequins.

I also cut off the neck trim close to the neck seam. I placed the heart and the trim onto the front piece to see where I wanted to place the Heart applique'.
Here you can see the smaller heart shape with the original piece it was cut from. I think that I might use what is left of the original heart shape and put it on a plain pink long sleeve tee that my daughter already has. Then she will have(almost) matching tee shirts!
I attached the heart with an iron-on fusible hem tape cut to size. Next I sewed the shoulder seams with a 3/8" seam allowance.  I finished the seams with a stretch zig zag stitch.

Then I pinned a piece of the neck trim to the neck and cut to size. I sewed along the center existing stitch line. I then pressed the excess fabric back and sewed the trim again along the second stitch line, which tacked down the turned back fabric.
This view shows the finished neck trim. I then sewed the sleeves to the body along the shoulder seam only, as shown above.

This photo shows what the top looks like so far from the inside.

Next, I turned back 3/8" along the center back opening and sewed 1/4" from edge. I could have made the top so that it only opened at the neck, and feel free to do it that way, but I have found that it is easier to make and easier to put on the doll when it is made to open all the way down the garment!

I used iron-on hook-and-loop for the closure. I cut the pieces to 1/4" wide and attached the loop part to the right side of the right edge and the hook part to the inside of the left edge. Finished!

This is the back view of the finished piece.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines's Day!

   Ahh...Hearts- the universal symbol of LOVE. We  can actually substitute the word or the symbol for heart for the word "love" as in "I heart you".
   My daughter loves hearts, she draws hearts, wears hearts, paints hearts. She painted the two heart paintings that you see above. The "heart" long sleeved tee that the doll is wearing is a redesign of  one of my daughter's favorite tops. She really didn't want to give it up even after it was clearly too small for her! So the next best thing was to make a top for her doll out of it!
   I decided to make the theme for Valentine's Day an "Artist Theme". When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of hearts, but I also think of  homemade Valentines. And I also think of all of the beautiful rainbow colored hearts of all sizes that adorn our home (thanks to my daughter- the lover of all hearts).
   The cute little mug that holds the paint brushes was from a thrift shop and cost $0.50. I love the message, and it goes with the theme beautifully. I think that it was originally meant to be a "collectible mini", but the size is perfect. The paint brushes are old worn out brushes that I no longer used. I just cut the handle shorter, trimmed the bristles shorter and and sanded the cut end of the handle.
   This week I will show you how to make the heart top, the striped sweater, and denim skirt. On my previous post, I showed you how to make the artist's easel.

   How cute is this? (those are two different shades of pink sequins on the heart). My daughter flipped when she saw this! Still sad about the top that she can no longer wear, but thrilled with seeing her doll wearing a smaller version of her old one! I just might be able to do something with the left over sequins from the original top to make her something new..

   This cute sweater started out as a 3 month old size sweater from a thrift shop that I picked up for $2.00! Working with the original placket and trims, it only took some hand sewing to make a doll size version.

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I look forward to showing you how to make the Valentine's outfit.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to make an easel for your doll:

I made this easel "doll-sized" but I also thought it could be used for a tabletop size easel, too!

The materials you will need are:
4 pieces of craft wood- 1/4"x 1/2" x 24"L - you may want to purchase extra wood if you are unsure of your measuring and cutting skills!
1 metal hinge- 5/8"W x 1/2"L- I used brass finish
1/2"L flat Head screws
3/8"L flat head screws
3/8"W grosgrain ribbon-

The tools you will need are:
wood glue
drill with 1/16" drill bit
clamps or large binder clips

4 pieces of  1/4"x1/2"x24" craft wood

You will need to cut the wood into the following lengths:
A= 18"( 2 pieces)
B= 15" (1 piece)
C= 1" (1 piece)
D= 2 1/2" ( 2 pieces)
E= 8" (4 pieces)
F= 1 3/4" (2 pieces)
I have labeled each piece with a letter for easy reference. You will see the photos labeled with these letters so that they are easier to understand.

Sand each cut edge.

Drill a pilot hole in C, centered lengthwise and 1/8" from one edge. place one 1/2" screw in the hole and screw in part way.

Drill a pilot hole in one end of B at the center, add a small amount of glue then line up the screw in C and tighten screw all the way. One edge of C should be flush with B.

Next line up the hinge on C so that the part of the hinge that bends is centered lengthwise and is flush with the same edge that is flush with B. Mark holes with a pencil.

Drill pilot holes where you marked with the pencil and attach hinge with two 3/8" screws to C.
Mark the placement for the remaining half of the hinge on D, placed centered lengthwise and flush with one edge as shown above.

Take three of E and glue as shown in the above two photos.Set aside to dry.

Next, mark with a pencil, 1/4" from each end of piece D centered and drill pilot holes.
Then mark 3" from one edge of both pieces of A, and drill pilot holes. Attach with two 1/2" screws. (see also below photo)

Measure 10 1/2" down on both pieces of A and mark with a pencil, then drill pilot holes. Next, take the remaining E piece and mark 1 1/2" from each end centered and drill pilot holes. Attach E to both A pieces, as shown above, with two 1/2" screws. Your easel should so far look like the above photo from the back.

Next, take a straight edge and mark straight across both A's and B at bottom edge. Cut along these lines.

I attached, with glue only, D to the front, as shown, to cover up the screws that came through to the front. This will add support and give it a more finished look.
This is another view of the top part of the easel from the back side.
This is a side view of the top. Here you can see the hinge placement clearly.
Next, I marked and drilled pilot holes in both pieces of F, centered lengthwise and 1/8" from one edge and 3/8" from the other end. See above photo.
Attach both F pieces with the edges that have the screw placement 1/8" from edge to piece E, as shown above, with glue and screw into place.
Here is another view showing placement of F pieces.
Here you can see a view from above how the placement of F pieces will look.
Next, I attached the 3 pieces of E's that were glued together to the two F pieces with glue and screw into place. I used binder clips to clamp them into place until they dry.

A view from above.

A view from underneath.

Next, cut a piece of 3/8" wide grosgrain ribbon 5 3/4" long. This is used to keep the easel in an open position and allows you to fold the easel up storage. Attach by first folding back one end of the ribbon 1/2". Take one screw and puncture a hole through both layers and screw the screw until the head is flush with the ribbon. Mark the center of the back of piece E and drill a pilot hole. Add a small amount of glue to the back of the ribbon only near the screw, and screw into place at the hole you have just drilled.
Then take the other end of the ribbon and fold back and attach screw like the other end.  Mark and drill a pilot hole on piece B directly across from the other end of the ribbon. Add glue and screw into place the same way as the other end of the ribbon.

I also glued a small piece of ribbon to cover up the small point of the screw that comes through to the other side of piece B, so there is no rough edges. And on piece E where the screw comes through I glued a small piece of wood for a more finished look, but gluing a piece of ribbon like I did for the back of B will work just as well.

A few more views of the finished piece:


Now you are ready to get painting!
Even if only make believe.
You can also use this to display your favorite artist's masterpiece.

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