Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heart Painting

Well, the Holidays are past us now and so we have Valentine's Day to look forward to!
This is a painting that my daughter painted when I asked her to paint a "heart painting" for this blog.

My Daughter loves to color... especially hearts. We have beautifully rainbow-colored hearts hanging in our house. But she prefers crayons over paint, since painting is "messy" and she is not a big fan of "messy". I never pushed the painting idea on her even though I have always thought she would be a natural at painting and she has a wonderful sense of color. So, I thought I would suggest having her paint a heart painting for me anyway. I bought a "real" 6"x6" stretched canvas, and she got to use my "grownup" acrylic paints. I gave her some guidance on placement and technique, and color mixing. So this is her very first "grownup" painting! She was so thrilled with the results that she wanted to do another!

This is her second painting. I asked her to do a very colorful heart like her many colorful "rainbow hearts" she loves to make. So, this is what she came up with! This one is on a 4"x5" canvas.

I am working on making a doll size easel for the paintings, and I can't wait to show it to you.

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