Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Basket- doll sized!

   This Easter Basket started with a really cute mini wicker basket that I found in a thrift shop for only 25 cents! I added a sheer pink ribbon wrapped around the handle and held in lace with just a dab of glue on each end. Then I tied a double bow on each end of the handle with the same ribbon. I added some green "Easter Basket grass". Then for the fun part.... some Easter "candy" that looks like the real thing!
I started with some real foil wrapped chocolate eggs.
...And some craft styrofoam eggs slightly smaller in size.
Carefully remove the chocolate egg from the foil wrapper... and enjoy! Go ahead, why not?
   Replace the chocolate one with the styrofoam one, and carefully smooth foil around egg. Add a dab of glue to hold in place... you don't want anyone trying to unwrap this one and eat it!
   I also made Chocolate foil wrapped bunnies... I started with these cute Lindt bunnies. They also sold a larger size of the same bunnies so I thought these mini ones would work great.
I also made a smaller foil wrapped bunny that came in a bag of assorted colors.
(See above)
   I used a Model Magic air drying clay in brown to recreate the bunny shapes. You could use any color since it won't be seen any way.
   Here you can see how the bunnies looked after they were done in the clay, next to the wrapped chocolate ones. The shape doesn't need to be exact, just as close as you can and let the foil do the work! I then carefully unwrapped the chocolates from the foil and replaced them with the dried clay ones, add a dab of glue to each. On the golden bunny I added a red 1/8"W ribbon tied at the neck just like the larger one had in the store! Now they are ready to place in the basket... just make sure everyone knows that they are for decoration only!!!
Happy Easter!
I hope you are inspired my ideas!

Creatively yours,

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  1. A childhood memory - easter egg hunts with a doll - perfect ♥