Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to make matching girl and doll tee shirts

   My daughter has been begging for a matching outfit for her and her doll. So after finishing the Heart Tee Shirt for her doll (see my post dated 2/15/12), I had a heart shaped piece left over of the original sequined heart. My daughter had a solid color pink long sleeve tee that I thought would work perfectly for this matching girl and doll idea. It is not an exact match but it is still cute and cost me nothing!!!


This is the solid color pink long sleeve tee that I will put the sequined heart on.

   This above photo shows the smaller sequined heart, shown on top, that I used for the doll tee, and was cut from the center of the larger heart, shown underneath.
I folded the tee in half lengthwise to find the center front and pinned the heart in place.

The pinned heart.

I turned back the extra fabric on the outside edge of the heart and sewed the heart to the tee shirt. I also sewed the heart down along the inside edge.

   I originally planned to leave the heart as is and not add anything else to it. But my daughter saw it at this point and commented that it looked "empty inside". Of course, she was right!!! So I added a row of mixed pink beads along the inside. Done!

Matching outfits for my daughter and her doll at last!!!

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  1. Hello! I'm Kellee ( and I found your blog on Pinterest! You have such wonderful ideas! :)

    1. Hi Kellee! I'm glad you found me! And I'm glad you like my ideas! ;)

  2. What a wonderful blog! I am so glad I found you on Pinterest!

  3. I just found you via Pinterest. I am a new follower! Love your adorable doll ideas!

  4. Nadia, Thank you for your kind words!

  5. I love this! My daughter would love it too... Anything pink and has hearts or flowers she likes... Great tutorial...


    1. Thank you, Jeanna! So true, anything pink and hearts are a favorite here too!